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    With Listtoyou you can create shopping lists for any kind of shopping.
  • Everything in its right place
    With Listtoyou you do not need any loose paper notes.
  • Share a list
    Add, go shopping, change - the lists are update in real time for you and anyone who share the lists.
  • Wedding, birthday, Christmas...
    Whatever you plan - use Listtoyou!
  • Until this very moment, 1432526 items have been purchased using Listtoyou

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  • Listtoyou is available for Android and iPhone,
    as well as on the web.

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    The real time update is a killer... Get it now!"

  • "My search is over! Incredibly good once I got the sharing to work."

It is very easy to add items to a list. When you write, you get suggestions for items to add to the list. If the item is not present in the database, the item you added will be saved until next time you add the same item.

Write the childrens wishlist for their birthday or Christmas and share the list with their grandparents. As they tick off he items, you avoid the risk of the children getting the same gift twice.

The lists are possible to share independently of one and other. You can share different lists with different persons. The lists you don't share are of course kept private.

And it is of course possible to share lists between Android and iPhone devices!

When you start shopping, the persons you share the lists with are notified of where you are shopping, and can ad the last items to the list yo avoid that something is forgotten before the dinner, holiday, weekend ot the birthday!